The Truth

Savita Journalist admits facts ‘muddled’ & there was ‘no request for termination’.

Kitty Holland, the journalist who wrote Savita died after being refused an abortion, now admits the facts were ‘muddled’ and there may have been ‘no request for a termination’. Savita’s husband says he never claimed an abortion would have saved her. And Minister says there’s ‘no evidence’ to support ‘Catholic ethos’ claim.

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The Lies

Abortion supporters falsely claimed that Savita died because she couldn’t get an abortion.

The media claimed that Savita died because Irish doctors have a ‘Catholic ethos’, and refused her an abortion.  Their claims are later shown to be untrue.

And a leaked email shows that abortion campaigners were tipped off about Savita’s death and plotted to use the tragedy.

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The Facts

An official autopsy has showed Savita Halappanavar died of an E-coli infection.

The autopsy said that Savita died from an infection caused by an antibiotic-resistant form E-coli in Galway University Hospital following a miscarriage.

Hospital records show there was NO request for an abortion. And top doctors say Savita’s death has NOTHING to do with Ireland’s ban on abortion.

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